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Analysis of Ribena Using Titration - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 434 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2017/09/12 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? Title: Analysis of Vitamin C in Ribena Using Titration Aim: The objectives of this experiment were to gain knowledge on how to titrate solution and determine amount of Vitamin C in Ribena. Results Table 1: Mass of Ascorbic Acid in Volumetric Flask Mass of empty bottle (g)21. 5922 Mass of empty bottle with ascorbic acid (g)21. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Analysis of Ribena Using Titration" essay for you Create order 6954 Mass of empty bottle (g)21. 5924 Mass of ascorbic acid used (g)0. 1002 Number of moles: (mass of ascorbic acid used)/(molecular mass of ascorbic acid) = 0. 1002g/(176. 10gmol-1) = 5. 9 x10-4 moles M1: concentration of stock ascorbic acidV1: volume in volumetric flask with stock solution M2: concentration of diluted ascorbic acidV2: volume in volumetric flask with diluted solution (M1 x 100)/1000 = 5. 69 x10-4 molesM1: 5. 69 x10-3 mol/L M1V1 = M2V2 5. 69 x10-3 mol/L x (10/1000) = M2 x (100/1000)M2: 5. 69 x10-4 mol/L Table 2: Standardization of NBS Titration numberRough 123 Final burette reading (ml)16. 8027. 0037. 2047. 30Â ±0. 10 Initial burette reading (ml)5. 4016. 8027. 2037. 20Â ±0. 10 Titre (ml)11. 4010. 8010. 0010. 10 Number of OK titres, N Sum of OK titres 2. 00 Average (ml)10. 5 Calculation: (10. 00+10. 10)/2 = 10. 05 M1V1 = M2V2 M1: concentration of diluted ascorbic acidV1: volume of diluted solution in conical flask M2: concentration of NBS V2: volume needed for titra tion 5. 69 x10-4 mol/L x (10/1000) = M2 x (10. 05/1000)M2: 5. 66 x 10-4 mol/L Table 3: Quantity of Vitamin C in Ribena Titration numberRough12 Final burette reading (ml)12. 2018. 6025. 00Â ±0. 00 Initial burette reading (ml)5. 7012. 2018. 60Â ±0. 00 Titre (ml)6. 506. 406. 40 Number of OK titres, N Sum of OK titres2. 00 Average (ml)6. 40 Moles of NBS: MV 5. 66 x 10-4 mol/L x (6. 40/1000) = 3. 62 x 10-6 moles M1V1 = M2V2 M1: concentration of NBS solution V1: volume of NBS needed for titration M2: concentration of Vitamin C in ribenaV2: volume of ribena added 5. 66 x 10-4 mol/L x (6. 40/1000) = M2 x (2/1000) M2: 1. 81 x 10-3 mol/L Moles of ascorbic acid: MV 1. 81 x 10-3 mol/L x (2/1000) = 3. 62 x 10-6 moles Moles of NBS: moles of Vitamin C = 3. 62 x 10-6: 3. 62 x 10-6 = 1: 1 Mass of ascorbic acid: molecular mass of ascorbic acid x number of moles of ascorbic acid = 176. 100 g/mol x 3. 620x 10-6 = 6. 370 x 10-4 g = 0. 637mg Concentration of ascorbic acid in ribena per 100ml:2. 000ml 0. 637 mg100ml 31. 5mg There are 31. 850mg of ascorbic acid in 100ml of ribena Discussion: Volume needed to satisfy minimum requirement of 60mg vitamin C: (60. 000mg/0. 637mg) x 2. 000 ml = 188. 383ml The calculated value of ascorbic acid is much higher than the value stated by manufacture which is 12mg/100ml. This may be due to inaccuracy during titration. A better technique that is by using high turbulence lay er chromatography will be able to determine the amount of ascorbic acid accurately. Reference: Douglas A Skoog, Donald M. West, F. James Holler. 1996. Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry, 7th edition, US.

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Essay on Is the Importance of Being Earnest a Satirical Play

‘It’s tone is that of satire, but of a satire which, for lack of a moral point of view, has lost its sting’ (Edouard Roditi) To what extent do you agree with this response to the play? By Molly Campbell With the definition of a satire being, ‘the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity’, it is ludicrous to even propose that The Importance of Being Earnest is anything other than a satirical play, as the characters relishing in the upper class of the Victorian period unknowingly mock their own habits acquired to them due to the luxury they are spoilt with. Despite this, it is evident that the use of satire is feckless and lacks a moral point of view, in contrast with the moral†¦show more content†¦Previous to Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, Victorian comedies consisted mostly of high and low comedy and of ‘dirty or vulgar jokes, dirty gestures, and sex’. Hence, it is possible to suggest that contradictory to Edouard Roditi’s interpretation, the Importance of Being Earnest carries a moral point of view in the fact it does not exploit sex or sexual preferences to ef fectuate drollery; Wilde provokes laughter through mistaken identities and the consequences of ‘bunburying’ perhaps to allude that his opinions it that sexuality is not a laughing matter. Providing this interpretation is true, it is acceptable to assume that the reasoning behind the negative criticisms the drama received when first written were due to the fact critics felt appalled that a piece of writing could prove successful without it consisting of any sexual nature and hence deemed The Importance of Being Earnest as, ‘dull in comparison to other plays read over the years’. Howbeit, some critics state that ‘the word earnest became a code-word for homosexual, as in: Is he earnest?, in the same way that Is he so? and Is he musical? were also employed’, suggesting that The Importance of Being Earnest is an expression of Wilde’s hatred for marriage and his fondness of homosexuality as he praises the idea of being Earnest’. ThisSho w MoreRelated Oscar Wildes The Importance Of Being Earnest Essay576 Words   |  3 Pages In â€Å"The Importance of Being Earnest† by Oscar Wilde, humor functions through the use of Characterization and the social satire of the Victorian period. Characterization is the method an author uses to reveal or describe characters and their various personalities. Satire is a literary tone used to ridicule or make fun of human vice or weakness, often with the intent of correcting, or changing, the subject of the satirical attack. These two comical devices are part of the nature of humor, which isRead MoreOscar Wilde’S The Importance Of Being Earnest Was Written1600 Words   |  7 PagesWilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest was written during the Modernism movement. Modernism was a literary movement that pushed back against the movement previously: Victorian/Realism. Wilde suggests that keeping up appearances was so significant during the Victorian ages that men engaged in bunburying: the idea that people take on a different persona, whether real or imagined, as an escape from their current life or in order to portray themselves in a better light. Wilde uses satirical humorRead More Importance Of Being Earnest Essay1037 Words   |  5 PagesDraft The Importance of Being Earnest is set in late Victorian England, a time of social reform. Society was rediscovering art in its many forms yet as a consequence, The Upper class continued their program of suppressed inferiority. The lower classes were treated with disdain and disgust and the animosity between the groups was easily visible. Essentially, the late Victorian era was the beginning of a mini cultural renaissance, yet Upper Class society, which forms the basis of the play was rigidlyRead MoreWilde as Parodist: a Second Look at the Importance of Being Earnest : a Review877 Words   |  4 Pagesthe early critics found Oscar Wilde’s final play strictly humorous, it clearly conveys social hypocrisies of the upper-classes of the period (late-Victorian). Wilde was being satirical and paradoxical in his play to show the hypocrisy and entertain the viewers in a play that is still being repeated till today. It is a witty and amusing comedy which conveys real life everyday the mes such as real love as opposed to selfish love, religion, marriage, being truthful and country life as opposed to cityRead MoreThe Importance of Being Earnest Essay866 Words   |  4 Pagesoutrageously absurd beliefs. Like many satirical plays, The Importance of Being Earnest is deliberately preposterous in nature so as to better ridicule Edwardian social life and cherished ideals. The Importance of Being Earnest is a stinging indictment of upper class British society of the time. The ingenious play mocks the concepts of aristocracy and love in Edwardian society, and addresses the notion of treating all important matters of life with genuine and earnest triviality. Much of theRead More The Importance of Being More Than Earnest Essay1715 Words   |  7 Pagesevery character, and every stage direction in The Importance of Being Earnest is set on supporting Oscar Wilde’s want for social change. The Importance of Being Earnest was written during the late period of the Victorian era. During this period social classification was taken very seriously. It could affect working and living conditions, education, religion, and marriage. Wilde explores the issues of social class and turns it into a comedic play. He humorously criticizes Victorian manners and attackingRead MoreOscar Wildes Paradoxes1404 Words   |  6 Pagesparadox that Wilde uses is the statement contradicts not itself but common sense. Although paradoxical statements add to the comedy of the play, they are not the only features that provide comic effect: epigrams, puns and incongruity are all features that are important in adding to the comedy. Paradoxical statements are fundamental in adding to the comedy of the play as they shape our views of the characters and society. Lady Bracknell, for example, states â€Å"To lose one parent, Mr Worthing, may be regardedRead MoreThe Importance Of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde897 Words   |  4 PagesOscar Wilde’s, The Importance of Being Earnest, is a satirical play for earnest people. Wilde uses witty and humor through analogies or metaphors to address matters such as marriage and class structure. Wild’s play is much of a satirical attack toward the higher class in a Victorian society. The Importance of Being Earnest, acts as a storyline of living a double life. Jack and Algernon claim to be an ideal figure, Ernest, whom which attracts women. Both characters, living the double life, tend toRead MoreRussell Jackson ´s Review of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde 1307 Words   |  6 Pagesthat in The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde simultaneously en gaged with and mocked the forms and rules of society To what extent is Wildes play critical of society? The Importance of Being Earnest: a Trivial Comedy for Serious People is a play written by, author, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde in 1894 and debuted at St Jamess Theatre in London in 1895. The Importance of Being Earnest is Wildes most eminent work and renowned for its abundant quips and entertaining satirical views on VictorianRead More The Importance of Being Earnest Essay1376 Words   |  6 PagesOscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is a timeless comedy of manners in which two young, light-hearted men, pretend their names are ‘Ernest’ in a bid to impress their love interests, who both believe the name Ernest bestows magical qualities on the possessor. Throughout the play, Wilde uses a mix of social drama, melodrama and farce to appeal to the audience. Through his gentle use of parody Wilde is able to ridicule his contemporaries and attack the values and attitudes of Victorian society

Characteristics of Philosophical Reasoning Free Essays

How is the use of reasoning into the framework of my thesis research plan? Answer . a. Characteristics of Philosophical Reasoning Before directly answering the questions above, I’ll describe a little understanding of philosophical reasoning itself. We will write a custom essay sample on Characteristics of Philosophical Reasoning or any similar topic only for you Order Now According JuJunSuriasumantri, Reasoning is a thinking process in drawing a conclusion in the form of knowledge. So reasoning is the thinking process started from empirical observation that produces a number of concepts and understanding. As an activity of thinking reasoning has certain haracteristics. The first feature is a logical thought process, which is defined as logical thinking activities according to certain patterns or in other words according to certain logic. The second characteristic is the nature of the analytical thinking process. Analytic properties are the consequence of the existence of a certain thought pattern. The analysis is essentially an activity of thinking based on certain measures. Also according to JintutNocturna, the characteristics of reasoning that is thorough, fundamental, and speculative. The nature of its thinking is comprehensive. A philosopher does not know the content of science is only from the perspective of science itself, but they wanted to see the nature of science in the perspective of others. They wanted to connect science with other aspects. They wanted to know the relation of science to morals and regard science with religion. They wanted to believe what science knows that can bring benefit or not. That is the idea that broad because it does not have limit itself and not Just in terms of one particular viewpoint. Thought philosophical want to know the relationship between sciences with others science, relationships between moral cience, art and life goals. The nature of its thinking is fundamental. A philosopher does not believe it the truth the knowledge gained. They were always in doubt and questioning: Why science can be called the true? How the assessment process based on these criteria is? Is the criterion true? Then what is its own right? Like a circle and any questions always arise continuously. That is, thinking until the results of a fundamental or essential objectscan be learned for all the rationale and scientific value. So, do not Just stop at peripheries(skin), but penetrating into its depths. The ature of its thinking is speculative. Philosophers speculate on the truth. Speculative nature of it, is also a philosopher continue to test and then gave birth to a knowledge and can answer the question of the validity of the trust. Based on the characteristics is an activity that uses the potential for the widest possible sense and freely without being limited by anything radically, systematically, universal and comprehensive as well as speculative and fundamental in revealing the nature of a truth. It is the ideas obtained and provide a basis for further thinking. The results of its thought were lways intended as a basis for exploring a new area of knowledge. Based on characteristics of the philosophy of the above , it can be concluded that philosophy is an activity that uses the broadest reasonable potential and freely without being restricted by anything radically,sistematic universal , comprehensive and non- speculative and fundamental in nature reveals the truth . That is, the ideas that come form the basis for further thoughts . The results of his thought was always intended as a basis for exploring new areas of knowledge. In the preparation of the thesis , ust be based on scientific studies that can be proven. Scientific knowledge is based A. Ontology Ontology is a branch of philosophy that talks about that there . In terms of science , the foundation of ontology questioned about objects that can be studied by science , what its essential form , and how it relates to human perception such as thinking , feeling , and clicking sense led to knowledge. Ontology is the study of objects that are not visible on one particular embodiment , which discusses that there are universal , that is trying to find a core that is loaded every fact which encompasses all of reality n all its forms . The existence of all things is an aspect of reality that transcends all differences between the objects and living beings , between the types and individuals . Of the discussion raises some views that are grouped into multiple streams of thought namely Materialism Flow is said that the essence of everything that exists is matter . Something there ( le material ) may only born there. Idealism(spiritualism) This stream replied weaknesses of materialism , which says that it is precisely the nature of spiritual beings (spiritual ) . Is the idea that spiritual world is more real han the material . Dualism The flow of material and wanted to unite the ideas , which argues that the essence of beings ( the fact ) in this universe is composed of two sources , namely the material and the spiritual Agnosticism This flow is the opinion of the philosophers who take a skeptical attitude , which is free of any answers that may be true and it may not. B. Epistemology Object study epistemology is questioning how something is coming and how to find out, how to differentiate with others . So with regard to the circumstances of time and space about something . Epistemological foundation is what allows the process of getting knowledge of logic , ethics , aesthetics , and the procedure how to obtain scientific truth , moral goodness and beauty of art , and what is the definition . Examines moral epistemology about the epistemic evaluation of moral Judgment and moral theories. In epistemology appears multiple streams of thought,namely : Meaningful experience ( emperies ) , where human knowledge acquired from sensory experience . Rationalism Without denying the huge benefits of sensory experiences in human life , but the erception of the senses is only used to stimulate the intellect . So the sense is above the sensory experience and emphasize the deductive method. Positivism A synthesis of empiricism and rationalism . By taking the point of departure from empiricism , but have sharpened the experiment , which is able to objectively determine the validity and reliability of knowledge . Intuitionism Intuition is not the same as feeling , however, is the result of understanding the evolution of high that only human . The ability to understand the full truth , which is fixed and unique . C. Axiology Axiology is the philosophical value . This aspect is related to the value of the (1 ) good and bad , and (2) beautiful and ugly . The first category of category : value under the study of philosophy called ethics or behavior , while the second category is the object of the study of philosophy or aesthetic beauty. Ethics also called moral philosophy ethics ( moral philosophy) , which comes from the word ethos ( Greek ) which means character . Moral derived from the word mos or mores ( Latin ) which means habit . In the Indonesian term is defined moral or ethical decency . Material object of ethics is human behavior or actions , being the object of a formal ethics is good or bad , moral or immoral. Human morality is the object of study ethic that has aged very long . Since human society is formed , which is in accordance with the behavioral issues of morality have been discussed . Associated with it , then came two theories that explain how a behavior that can be measured ethically . The theory in question is Deontological and Theological . a. Deontological . Deontological theories inspired by the thought of Immanuel Kant , who seem rigid , onservative and preserve the status quo , which states that the merits of a behavior is assessed in terms of the act itself , and not the result . A good behavior if that behavior fit the existing norms . b. Theological Theological theory more emphasizing results . A piece of good behavior if the behavior is much more profitable than harm , where gains and losses are seen from the indicators of human interest . This theory raises two views , namely egoism and utilitarianism ( utilisme ) . People who teach is Jeremy Bentham (1742 – 1832) , which is then corrected by John Stuart Mill ( 1806-1873 ) . ?Aesthetics Aesthetics are also called beauty philosophy ( philosophy of beauty) , which is derived from the word aisthetika or aisthesis ( Greek ) which means that the things that can be perceived by the senses or sensory perception . Discuss aesthetic issues related to critical reflection on values over something called Indak or not beautiful . On the way from the era of ancient Greek philosophy until now appears the question of aesthetics , namely : what is the question that beauty , the beauty that is both objective and subjective , the beauty of the size , the role of beauty in human life and he beauty of the relationship with the truth . So the question was being debated attractive especially if it is associated with religion and the values of decency , because they never reach completion. b. How to Use On Such reasoning In My Thesis Research Plan? From the description of the reasoning characteristics above can be described that in scientific research on my thesis should refer to the three scientific studies that can be proved. Scientific knowledge based on ontology, Epistemology and Axiology. In this case I plan on studying†The Use of Portfolio Assessment in English Language Course of Samarinda Polytechnic Students† In this case, first of all I relate my research to the study of ontology in relation to science, the foundation of ontology questioned about the objects studied by science, how is the essential form, and how it relates to human perception in the form of thinking, feeling, and senses that produce the knowledge. Here, I will review first the definition of the assessment itself, including the types of assessment that exist in the world of education, then I describe of these species leads to the portfolio assessment and its definition. After that I gave evidence o the theory of portfolio assessment that has been around for examples of this include also the terms of portfolio assessment itself. After reviewing the terms of ontology, I will review my research in terms of epistemology. ObJect of the study in epistemology is questioning how something is coming and how to find out, how to distinguish with the other. So this part will deal with regard to the circumstances of space and time about something. The cornerstone of epistemology is what is the process to get the knowledge by logic, ethics, aesthetics, and the procedure and how o obtain scientific truth, moral goodness also beauty of art, and what the definition. Epistemic moral of epistemology examines the evaluation of moral judgments andmoral theories. From the foundation of epistemology above, I can describe my research on these processes in which this study took place during the assessment was given in one semester and then the results are measured from the students who follow courses in English. From the view of epistemology, my scientific research shows how the sequence of events and portfolio assessment process was ut in place, and inside there are also barriers faced by faculty and students in the provision of portfolio assessment and also the excess deficiency. Assessment indicators are also included in the review epistemology which I will discuss in my research. The third study that will be entered in my thesis that scientific research based on the view of Axiology. Axiology is the philosophical value. Aspects of this value is related to the following categories: (1) good and bad, and (2) beautiful and ugly. The first category of value under the study of philosophy called ethics or ehavior, while the second category is an object of the study of philosophy or aesthetic beauty. In relation to my thesis of scientific research, which involves study of axiology or the value of research results to the people, in this case the use of portfolios can provide benefits and can be used in the assessing of English language and be reviewed again if it can increase the score of the English language Samarinda Polytechnic Students. In addition, my research is certainly has the weaknesses that can be added to further research in subsequent studies, so that the value and enefits of this research is philosophically continues to grow and not static at one JuJun S, Suriasumantri, Filsafat Ilmu, Sebuah Pengantar Populer. How to cite Characteristics of Philosophical Reasoning, Papers

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Unit work free essay sample

Service Users who have barriers to communication need support to allow them to express themselves effectively, not only at the service, but out in the community also. As a senior / line manager, It is important for me to be aware of the Service Users individual preferred methods of communication and to support the Service Users to use this method. Service Users at Beudygwyn have the right to use any means and ways of communicating with others and their choice should be fully respected by our all of the staff that support them day to day. Communication is a basic human right, whether you have a disability or not. Without communication the Service Users are unable to realise or voice their rights. Under the Human Rights Act 1998 all individuals have the right to ‘freedom of expression’. If unable to communicate, then our Service Users would be denied these rights. At Beudygwyn, we work with Service Users who have learning difficulties that vary. We will write a custom essay sample on Unit work or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We have Service Users who are Down Syndrome, have dementia, Autism, Physical Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy and Mental Health problems. Learning Disabilities Up to 90% of people who have learning disabilities have some form of specific communication need. Many people who have a learning disability have no identified cause of their communication difficulties. People with learning disabilities can be affected mildly, moderately or severely. Four out of five people with severe learning difficulties have no effective verbal speech. Downs Syndrome Down’s syndrome is a chromosomal disorder where the foetus is developed with an extra chromosome at pair 21. 75% of people with Down ’s syndrome have difficulties with their hearing. Combine this with a learning disability and these people have an increased difficulty with communication. People with Down’s syndrome can have difficulty in forming words and speech sounds, resulting in their speech being difficult to understand. Autism People with Autism have communication disorders which can make it very difficult for the person to be able to communicate and interact with their surroundings. For example: Echolalia (repeating words spoken to them without knowing or understanding the meaning) use of phrases out of context, misreading others’ non-verbal cues. A lack of eye contact, a difficulty initiating and sustain interactions due to limited concentration span. Mental Health Problems A mental health problem is one that effects how the person relates to the environment they live in due to changes within the brain caused by injury, infection, age or substance abuse. Physical Disability When the physical disability affects the person’s facial muscles or vocal cords their verbal communication can be affected. If it affects their bodily movement or head control it can affect their non-verbal communication. For example: their body language. Dementia The most common mental health problem within older people is dementia. Dementia is a progressive disorder that can affect the person’s short, and sometimes long-term memory. It also affects the person’s recognition of people or things, speech, understanding, concentration, orientation and motivation. 1. 2 Explain how to support effective communication within own job role As a senior / line manager, it is my responsibility for establishing the communication needs of the Service Users at Beudygwyn Farm. I need to provide appropriate support and ensure that any equipment and materials they may need to communicate is available. My role is to empower the Service Users rights. Before I can give any kind of support to the Service Users and staff at Beudygwyn Farm, the Service Users ability, needs and preferences should be considered and taken into account. When a Service User is referred to Beudygwyn, and enters our care, they will have all their needs and preferences assessed and a base line regarding their communication abilities and then methods will be put in place. These will usually be documented on a Support and Risk Plan document we use, and this will be placed in the Service Users’ working and information file for all staff to fully read and sign. I will establish a baseline by observing the ways the Service User communicates and the method they use. Service Users have the right to communicate through their chosen method and their choice should be acknowledged and respected by all the staff at Beudygwyn Farm. During an initial assessment a Service Users ability and communication and any changes are recognised during either a 3 monthly or 6 monthly review and shared with our team to ensure the Service Users needs are fully met. To enable that I get the full support and to ensure I get the best out of the Service Users communication abilities, I would liaise with the following people, and invite them along to his/her review: Family and Friends Speech Therapists Psychologists Psychiatrists Occupational Therapist Support Staff / Key Workers Care Managers LD Nurses Effective communication improves the quality of life of people. It is essential that efforts are made to enhance communication, make time to listen and to understand. In my role at Beudygwyn Farm I must ensure that best practice which includes ensuring that: Staffs are fully aware of the different communication needs of different Service Users, including taking account of any hearing or visual problems or where Welsh is their first language. Staffs are trained to understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication and barriers to effective communication. A multi-disciplinary approach is used to implement communication strategies Staff are able to access specialist advice and information Advocacy services are used Here at Beudygwyn Farm, we use many different strategies to help our Service Users communicate effectively. Upon taking on new members of staff, I will ensure that training for relevant communication methods are implemented as part of their induction. The most common communication aids we use at Beudygwyn are Makaton and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). 1. 3 Analyse the barriers and challenges to communicate within own job role Communication is a fundamental relationship-building skill in the workplace. If staff don’t communicate well they limit their ability to connect on any meaningful level and at the extreme, could create conflict. It’s very important that I show respect to people I work with as they will have expectations of how I should communicate with others. The general social care council’s code of practice states that communications should be conducted in an appropriate, open, accurate, and straight forward way. By communicating in this manner, others will have trust and confidence in me and my abilities. There are many barriers to communication. Anything that may obstruct any form of communication is a barrier. The first barriers that we need to identify are those that we could be creating. We need to ensure that we aren’t making it difficult for anyone to understand what we are saying at work; therefore we need to do everything possible to assist communication. We can do this by avoiding professional jargon and terminology. Physical barriers These are due to the nature of the environment where we are trying to communicate. It could be that there are distractions or noise, l such as having the TV on in the background. An inappropriate temperature, making the room too hot or too cold. Is the room light enough? Am I positioned so that I am close enough to be heard but not invading personal space? Psychological barriers This could include hearing or sight difficulties. Personal problems and worries can lead to lack of concentration, memory loss (dementia) Language difference This could be due to the choice of words used. Other linguistic abilities may differ from my own, leading to poor explanations and misunderstandings. Most of our Service Users are English, however we do have one or two Service Users who are bilingual, and speak welsh as their first language. We need to ensure that there aren’t any communication barriers when interacting with those Service Users. 2. 1 Monitor the effectiveness of communication systems and practices. In order to establish the effectiveness of communication systems and practices I will first need to establish a baseline of each service user’s communication skills and the method they may use. I would establish this during the initial assessment. This needs to be recorded in detail and discussed with other member of staff in Beudygwyn Farm to see whether they agree with the assessment. This information together with the communication method the service user prefers and any aids which they use to support their communication will then be written into the individuals care plan so that any changes to the base line can be monitored. In order to monitor the effectiveness of the care plan regular reviews need to take place in order to check for improvements in the service users communication skills. For any monitoring to be effective it is important that our feedback system in place is efficient and that staff and service users at Beudygwyn are allowed to contribute in the monitoring process. Everyone should be aware that their observations, feedback and comments are important. As part of the management team, my role is to collate all the information and update the service users care plan to take into account any monitored changes. 2. 2 Evaluate the effectiveness of existing communication systems and practices. Once I have established and agreed the methods of communication and support which I’m to provide the service user with it is important that I evaluate the effectiveness of that support. The agreed methods of communication and support are only effective for as long as the service user‘s communication skills remain the same. If their skills change then so do their support plans. As part of the management team at Beudygwyn, I would be expected to recognise any changes to the service user’s communication skills. As before, this can be done by monitoring feedback from the staff, service user, family, and other professionals involved in the service user’s care and by observing the service user when they are communicating with myself, support staff and their friends and relatives. This way I am able to evaluate if the communication method is working and also recognise any changes. The most obvious changes are when service users aren’t able to do what they use to do. As well as the service user’s communication skills becoming worse, a service user’s circumstances and abilities could improve. This could be in the case of a service user who had suffered a stroke. With therapy and encouragement their speech could improve so that they are able to gradually able to express their needs through speech. These changes need to be collated, discussed and available to everyone in the care team, so all are aware and can add their views and opinion. With regards to evaluating the effectiveness of existing communication systems and practices between service users, staff and management, it is important that I have established a system in the workplace where regular meetings take place and everyone’s views and opinions are discussed and valued. Other communication methods are: Staff communication books – daily notes which are not confidential Staff notice boards – details of personal development, training opportunities Staff handover – discuss recent events throughout the days Complaints procedures – All staff at Beudygwyn are fully aware of the process and how to complain Care Planning – Confidential daily / working records Supervisions – Staff can discuss any issues. This is a two way activity 2. 3 Propose improvements to communication systems and practices to address any shortcomings It’s Important that everyone involved in the care of the service users work as part of a team to establish the best support for that person. This is known as multidisciplinary working. When changes occur it is important that the correct help and support is obtained immediately so that the service user does not feel frustrated or isolated by being unable to communicate effectively. I would need to access the appropriate support and have access to sources of information and resources to be able to do this. It is therefore important to immediately deal with any changes with an individual’s communication skills. I would encourage support workers, family and friends to monitor an individual for change and this will lead to positive outcomes. If changes are identified, then support workers should record this in the service users daily activity journal with a factual entry of what was observed or how they identified the change. Each support worker is to sign and date each entry which has been made. These should then be formally reported to me or the service manager – Gwenda Potter, and then any further actions must be dealt with immediately. Significant changes of an individual’s communication needs should be referred to the SLT (Speech and language Therapist) or the GP for professional investigation and monitoring. If no changes have been reported, reassessment should be undertaken on a yearly basis and should involve both the individual and key people in their lives, including their family, friends, SLT, GP, psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist, support workers and any other significant person involved in the individuals’ life. This is known as a multidiscipline review. This ensures the continued development of the individual’s communication. With regards to staff, communication systems and practice, it is important to evaluate these on a regular basis in order to address any shortcomings. To avoid any shortcomings: All staff should attend training regarding completion of communication records and confidentiality and should be aware of Regard Partnership’s policies and procedures regarding these areas. All my staff should be aware of the complaints procedure in the workplace and have the knowledge of who/where they should complain for themselves and also on behalf of an individual. All staff have regular supervisions with me where they are able to voice any concerns . Copies of supervisions are referenced in my QCF file. Regular handover and team meetings where everyone can discuss any concerns they may have and feedback on areas of problems. 3. 2 Compare the effectiveness of different communication systems for partnership working. Effective communication between partners is essential to good partnership working. Without effective communications staff can feel very isolated. Interaction needed to be on-going, and partners needed to be mindful of the need to reduce jargon to promote clarity of understanding. Inclusion of the views of service users and their support workers are also important to the communication process, as a means of helping staff to look at things in new ways and to bring diversity and creativity to the process. There are many different communication systems which can be used in partnership working. Computerised systems with shared records and access, for example, Hospitals and GP’s now share some computerised medical records. This ensures continuity of service with immediate access to records. This avoids the need for paper records which increase the need for secure storage and accurate filing systems. This also allows for faster retrieval of information and an increased frequency with which information is collected and shared. It also ensures a standardised system across the partnership working. For any system used it has to be available, effective and efficient in order to benefit all partners involved. 3. 3 Propose improvements to communication systems for partnership working. If I felt that there is room for improvement to communication systems for internal partnership working I could propose a meeting at Beudygwyn to discuss my proposals that could be made through written communications. By liaising with external partners at regular meetings and discussing, listening and sharing ideas and problems, solutions will be able to be found to any communication improvements which need to be made. Sometimes this may mean reaching compromises or it may just involve alleviating the anxieties of others in the partnership. 4. 2 Analyse the essential features of information sharing agreements within and between organisations. Sharing information which is confidential is a complex area within Health and Social Care. Certain information needs to be shared within the workplace and also with external agencies. When considering sharing information I have to consider my duty od care to the service users and decide if its in their best interest to share information. I also have to consider and respect their dignity and right to privacy. Whatever information is shared, it should be on a need to know basis only eg. If a service user is admitted to hospital the paramedics need only know about the medication details of the service user. They do not need to know about the service users financial affairs. In each case, the service users rights need to be protected, and each case should be looked at on its own merits. The company needs to ensure that it is following the framework laid down within the Caldecott Principles. Each workplace has its own workplace agreements regarding the sharing of information. This is usually covered in the Confidentiality Policy, which all staff read and sign during our inductions. This is also then discussed during our staff meetings on a monthly basis. Information sharing between staff in the workplaces essential as it ensures that the service users receive continuity of care. It is important that this is done respectfully and privately thought – not in front of others who do not need to know. Both verbal and written passing of information should be done this way. Changes in behaviour, health and diagnosis are important pieces of information that need to be passed on both internally and externally with other organisations. However, not all staff need to know the entire workings of the service users life – all they need to know is contained in the service users care plans. When service users attend medical appointments it is essential that the staff understand the people they are assisting – however it is not practicable or evident that they need to know the entire care plan file of the service user. In this instance, the NHS has drawn up a patient passport document. This allows the essential information that the NHS staff will need to know to be completed by care staff and be taken with the service user, thus allowing the NHS staff to care for the service user with respect and dignity. I have been working with the health liaison officer for the local NHS hospital to complete these documents for current and new service users. In cases of possible crimes, and/or abuse it may be necessary to share information to third parties in order to protect the service users – against their wishes. However, again it is important that only the essential information is given to assist the other organisations in their enquiries. I have a duty of care to ensure that the service users I support are safe, and if I feel that they are not I need to pass this information on – either direct to management, or via the ‘Whistleblowing’ Policy, which will respect my decision to disclose the information while protecting me from discrimination or wrongful dismissal. 4. 3 Demonstrate use of information management systems that meet legal and ethical requirements. Policies and procedures for staff information are kept in a hard copy in the staff duty room. Where possible, all staff also receive a copy of them on a compact disc for their own use at home. Also, staff are required to read these during their induction period at Beudygwyn Farm, and are not allowed on the ‘shop floor’ until this has been signed off by myself or other management. All computers on site are password protected. The computers that are used by both staff and service users also have separate passwords for their own protection. Personal email accounts are password protected also. All passwords are changed regularly to increase protection – this is normally done following prompt from the software. Within the office, each service user has their own drawer within the filing system. These are individual to the service users and are lockable. This is done each night, and over the weekend period. Also within the filing system, all staff files are kept in lockable drawers. These are also confidential and no-one but the management team is allowed access to these. Some files are selected on occasion from CSSIW inspection and quality assurance audits – these are only the external people allowed access to staff files. Staff have the right to request access to their files and their file alone, and do so via the manager. If a car / person arrives on site, staff and management ensure that they are met within the car park space – where possible. Their identity and purpose for visit is checked, verified and they are quickly shown to the appropriate venue as required. If they cannot state their purpose / identity adequately then they are asked to leave until such time as they can prove their right to be on-site. When service users / staff / visitors are shown into the office, it is ensured, where possible that any confidential paperwork is out of sight. No service user names are used on noticeboards, only initials. Where possible, it is arranged that computer screen cannot be easily read either. If not possible, all programs are minimised until safe to work on again. Information for the service users is usually provided in easy to read formats, pictorial formats where possible and also standard format. Each unit has a communication board, which enables the service user to be able to look at their day at a glance. It tells them which member of staff is working with them, date, and general routine. Any posters for events are also placed on this board for the service user to read.

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Jay Gatsby †Victimized by the American Dream

Jay Gatsby – Victimized by the American Dream Free Online Research Papers The American Dream is a dream about possibilities, and a desire for success. In the eyes of the dreamer, the goal is to work hard to attain the end prize. Sometimes the prize is money, sometimes it is love; regardless of what the prize, the dreamer works hard to reach this goal. In the novel The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is driven by his desire to achieve the American Dream. Unfortunately, Gatsby’s drive to achieve the dream also results in him falling victim to it. Essentially, Gatsby falls victim to the American Dream because he is forced to face the reality that his dream is just that, a dream that is out of reach and unrealistic. The main elements of Gatsby’s American Dream are: love, wealth and popularity/status. Through these concepts, Gatsby both attains and falls victim to them in his quest to fulfill his dream, the American Dream. There are many elements of the American Dream. Each dream is unique, depending on who the dream belongs to. One common element of the American Dream is to attain a great deal of wealth. Gatsby becomes primarily motivated to fulfill this dream in knowing that ‘Rich girls don’t marry poor boys’. It is this knowledge and insight that propels Gatsby to invest in his American Dream. Gatsby knows that to attain his dream he needs money and wealth. Gatsby grew up in North Dakota and did have any connections, neither money nor education. He spent his youth training for his â€Å"Big Break†. Highly motivated, he had a plan to escape his life in North Dakota. Gatsby was resentful of his parents and their poverty. â€Å"His parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people his imagination had never really accepted them as his parents at all.†(Fitzgerald 9.) Gatsby’s desire to escape the poverty and limits of his upbringing was so powerful that he would pretend to not belong to his family. Gatsby’s opportunity to get out of his small family farm and into wealth occurs when he encounters a man by the name of Dan Cody. Dan Cody teaches Gatsby the ‘Tricks of the Trade’, skills he could use with a bootlegging business. With this new job, Gatsby is suddenly given the opportunity to meet his goal in the quickest and easiest way (even though it was illegal). Gatsby’s decision to partic ipate in this illegal trade shows how strong of a desire he has to reach his dream. Gatsby proves that he has attained a great deal of wealth when he invests in his large elegant mansion. Gatsby’s mansion is a key symbol of aspiration reflecting Gatsby’s successes as an American self made man for owning a large house in the 1920’s was an outward sign of material success. Gatsby’s status of wealth is so extreme, others describe it as: â€Å"†¦ a colossal affair by any standard- it was a factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy, with a tower on one side, spanking new under a thin beard of raw ivy, and a marble swimming pool, and more than forty acres of lawn and garden. It was Gatsby’s mansion.†(Fitzgerald 11) Gatsby’s mansion is proof of his wealth and status which in time helps him achieve one element of his American Dream.Gatsby is a very proper man who, on the outside, shows a persona of wealth and success. He wears clothes that are reflective of his wealth (specifically his silk shirts) which are noticed by many people. Gatsby’s ‘Golden Girl’, Daisy, said that she felt overwhelmed with emotion as a reaction to his clothes. â€Å"It makes me sad because Ive never seen such such beautiful shirts before.(Fitzgerald 94). Gatsby’s silk shirts are a representation of his wealth, and proof that he has achieved a portion of his American Dream. The extravagances of Gatsby’s parties also illustrate how much wealth he has accumulated and how much of it he is willing to share. Gatsby pays for all his guests’ wild times which, in turn, shows that his wealth all the more apparent. People from all over the neighbourhood knew about his parties, for they were so large that neighbours would reflect and think about them long after they were over. Nick Carraway, Gatsby’s neighbour observed the following: â€Å"There was music from my neighbor’s house through the summer nights. In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and he champagne and the stars. At high tide in the afternoon I watched his guests diving from the tower of his raft, or taking the sun on the hot sand of his beach while his motor-boats slid the waters of the Sound, drawing aquaplanes over cataracts of foam. On week-ends his Rolls-Royce became an omnibus, bearing parties to and from the city between nine in the morning and long past midnight, while his station wagon scampered like a brisk yellow bug to meet all trains. And on Mondays eight servants, including an extra gardener, toiled all day with mops and scrubbing-brushes and hammersand garden-shears, repairing the ravages of the night before†. (Fitzgerald 41) Clearly Gatsby’s parties are memorable, and illustrate to everyone that attended and heard about them that Gatsby is enormously wealthy. Gatsby shows off his wealth through materialistic objects in his house, especially with his massive library. In the 1920’s it was common that rich people would fill their libraries up with artificial books; Gatsby, however, proves his status of wealth with real books. A guest from one of Gatsby’s parties makes the following observation about his books: Absolutely real have pages and everything. I thought theyd be a nice durable cardboard. Matter of fact, theyre absolutely real. Pages and Here! Lemme show you. (Fitzgerald 47). The discovery of these actual books, and the apparent excitement the guest has, demonstrate the enormous wealth that is obvious to Gatsby’s neighbours and party goers. Although Gatsby attains wealth, he also falls victim to this element of his dream through the methods and ways he came into his money. Gatsby was raised in a morally correct family and he was brought up with the values and knowledge of right from wrong, however to achieve his dream Gatsby chose to go against his morals and values, by earning his money illegally through bootlegging. Gatsby’s true identity is bought forward by Tom Buchanan who says: He and this Wolfshiem bought up a lot of sidestreet drug stores here and in Chicago and sold grain alcohol over the counter. Thats one of his little stunts. I picked him for a bootlegger the first time I saw him and I wasnt far wrong.(Fitzgerald ..) The way that Gatsby makes his money is what makes him a victim of the American Dream; It is because he sacrifices his values in the process. It is because of Gatsby’s desire to live his American Dream, he then overlooks his morals and knowledge of right an wrong. It is more important for Gatsby to become a success, and reach his American Dream, than to live by the standards he knows. Therefore, the decay of his morals are part of what makes Gatsby a victim to his American Dream. Secondly, Gatsby attains another important element of his American Dream, popularity. He has a certain status in society which he has personally built, showing of his hard-working nature to achieve his dream. Popularity and status is a part of his dream because he wants to belong to the East Eggers, which represents old money and a high social status. Gatsby throws wild and crazy parties every Saturday night at his mansion in West Egg and guests are catered to with food and liquors, and also treated to an orchestra of music. Because Gatsby’s parties are so grand, this makes him a very popular man. Gatsby’s house is the place to be every Saturday night, and guests simply ‘show up’, knowing that he will have a fabulous party planned. Gatsby throws these parties because he believes that they will help him achieve popularity and a high social status. This is a very important part of Gatsby’s American Dream. Therefore, the popularity and success that Gatsby gains because of his huge parties demonstrate that he has successfully attained that part of his American Dream. Gatsby falls victim to the ‘popularity’ element of his dream because his desire to be so popular and accepted by those who have a high social status leads to people who are attending his parties to take advantage of him. They use him for his house, his cars and his beach. I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsbys house I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. People were not invited they went there. They got in to automobiles which bore them out to Long Island, and some how they eneded up at Gatsby’s door†¦ Sometimes they came and went without having met Gatsby at all, came for the party with a simplicity of heart that was its own ticket of admission†(Fitzgerald 43) This first hand account of how guests came and went to his parties uninvited, and did not even know Gatsby, illustrate how he is victimized as a result of his search for popularity and high social status. Therefore, Gatsby falls victim to this part of his American Dream because it creates an environment where he is used and manipulated by those who attended. His party goers came to his parties because of the free food and liquor, not because they truly wanted to become friends with Gatsby. That is how Gatsby becomes a victim to the American Dream. Another way that Gatsby falls victim to the American Dream is through personal attacks in the form of rumours. In reality, very few people personally know Gatsby, and some people start rumours about him. One party guest said: Hes a bootlegger.One time he killed a man who found out that he was nephew to Von Hindenburg and second cousin to the devil.' (Fitzgerald 61). There is a lot of questions about who Gatsby is amongst his party guest, because most have never met him before. They make rumours up to fill their imagination of whom this man could possibly be, as he has such wealth that he can throw such extravagant parties. Therefore, Gatsby is victimized by the American Dream because he is attacked personally in the shape of rumours and lies that others spread about him. These lies are created and spread because of his wealth and popularity, and his success with attaining that part of his American Dream. People who are jealous of his successes are driven by this jealousy to hurt Gatsby in any way they can. The rumours that are created as a result of Gatsby’s popularity contribute to his victimization because of the American Dream. When Nick Caraway invites Wolfshiem, someone who has spent a great deal of time with Gatsby, to Gatsby’s funeral, he (Wolfshiem) comments that he does not want to go: When a man gets killed I never like to get mixed up in it in any way. I keep out. When I was a young man it was differentI stuck with them to the endLet us learn to show friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead. (Fitzgerald 173) This attitude demonstrates another way that Gatsby is victimized by the American Dream. It appears as if Gatsby is a popular man, well liked by many, when he is alive. However, when he is killed, and his friend refuses to pay his respect, true feelings are revealed. This lack of desire to show respect to Gatsby proves that Wolfshiem, like many others, were not really Gatsby’s friends after all. Infact, they used and manipulate Gatsby to get what they want. And when they cannot get any more out of him, they walk away. Therefore, Gatsby is victimized by the American Dream because he is abandoned by his ‘friends’. Their true desire to simply use Gatsby, and not be a true friend becomes clear. These people who associate with Gatsby, and attend his parties do not really care for him. Gatsby is successful in achieving a high social status, which is a large part of his American Dream. Gatsby works hard to achieve his high social status. He wants to become like the notorious East Eggers. What Gatsby discovers about the status he manages to achieve is that it ends up not being ‘the right one’. Gatsby strives to be accepted by the more ‘fashionable’ side of upper East Egg, while he represents West Egg. The difference is that the East Eggers are considered the highest social standard. They come from ‘old money’, where their wealth has been inherited, and usually not worked for. The West Eggers are people who make their own large fortunes, but they lack the traditions that come with inherited wealth. The West Eggers have to work for their money, and their wealth lacks the history that the East Eggers have. The East Eggers, represented in The Great Gatsby by the Buchanans, have the inherited traditions that come with wealth . Due to their inherited traditions, the East Eggers naturally disregard any change in the social hierarchy as a threat to the entire structure of society. Gatsby strives to be accepted by the old money but fails to do so. For example when Tom and Daisy Buchanan come to one of Gatsby’s parties that he throws specifically to try and ‘woo’ them, his efforts fall short of their high standards: â€Å"But the rest offended her-and inarguably, because it wasnt a gesture but an emotion. She was appalled by West Egg, this unprecedented ‘place.’ that Broadway had begotten upon a Long Island fishing village-appalled by its raw vigor that chafed under the old euphemisms and by the too obtrusive fate that herded its inhabitants along a short-cut from nothing to nothing. She saw something awful in the very simplicity she failed to understand†.(Fitzgerald 164) The people gathered at Gatsbys house were not particularly well known, and they behaved openly, in a manner that is not traditionally accepted by old money. This demonstrates another way that Gatsby is victimized by his dream of popularity and social status because his goal of fitting in with the old money simply was unattainable. Therefore, Gatsby is victimized because he is disappointed that, despite his hard work and effort, he is not, and will never be, accepted into the high social status that he wants so desperately to belong to. Finally, Gatsby attains his final and very important part of his American Dream, his quest for love. Gatsby focuses and obsesses about Daisy and the commitment they had given to one another before he went off to war. Gatsby met Daisy, the love of his life, when he was a youth, and he never forgot his first love. Before he went off to war, Daisy had promised Gatsby she would wait for his return. However, Daisy breaks her promise and marries the wealthy Tom Buchanan. Gatsby believes that this agreement they made to meet again will last. Gatsby goes to great lengths to reach his dream of being with Daisy. He buys a large mansion across the lake from her, and throws large parties (hoping she will wander through his doors). Gatsby longs for Daisy’s love and this obsession of Gatsby’s is a driving force for him; his love and desire for Daisy is the ultimate prize, the final piece to his American Dream. Therefore, Gatsby represents the American Dream with this element becaus e it (true love) is his driving force. The American Dream is about reaching goals, and stopping at nothing until you get them. Gatsby’s drive and ambition to attain this goal makes him relentless. He represents the American Dream because of the force that drives him to reach it; Gatsby is motivated and focused on getting his prize, his first true love Daisy. While Gatsby is driven to achieve this element of his American Dream, to reconnect with his love Daisy, it results in Gatsby becoming a victim. In their youth, despite knowing they could not marry due to differences in social classes, they still allowed their love to flourish. When Gatsby returns home from the war, he spends the next five years acquiring money to meet and exceed Daisy’s economic standards, in hopes of winning her back. ’Oh, you want too much!’ she cried to Gatsby. ‘I love you now – isn’t that enough? I can’t help what’s past.’ She began to sob helplessly. ‘I did love him once – but I loved you too.’ Gatsby’s eyes opened and closed. ‘You loved me TOO?’ he repeated. (Fitzgerald 126) Daisy, in revealing that she indeed loves both her husband and Gatsby, hurts Gatsby more than Daisy can comprehend. In Gatsby’s opinion, Daisy has betrayed him, as she states that she loves both Gatsby and Tom (her husband). Therefore, Gatsby is victimized by the American Dream when he discovers that his one true love does not love him back the way that he loves her. This particularly hurts Gatsby as his whole focus or drive to attain his American Dream is to win his ‘golden girl’, Daisy Buchanan. In the novel The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby attains the American Dream and is victimized by it. His American Dream consists of attaining wealth, popularity and love. Although he gains all three of his desires, he also becomes victimized either through them, or as a direct result of them. First, Gatsby desires to find wealth. He reaches his goal, but then becomes a victim through people manipulating him and taking advantage of his wealth and generosity. Additionally, Gatsby desires to integrate into a high social status. Although he reaches this goal, he becomes victim to the goal because the status he attains is not ‘good enough’. Finally, Gatsby’s ultimate prize is about love. Although he achieves this goal, and his true love expresses her love for him, she also tells him that she loves another man. Therefore, Gatsby falls victim to this part of his American Dream because his love is not satisfied. In conclusion, Gatsby attains the elements of his America n Dream, expecting the Dream to be fulfilled. However, what he discovers is that the American Dream is a dream, not a reality. A dream cannot come true – because if it did, it would no longer be a dream. Therefore, F. Scott Fitzgerald successfully portrays Gatsby as a character who both attains the American Dream and becomes victimized by it. Research Papers on Jay Gatsby - Victimized by the American DreamMind TravelThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationTwilight of the UAWHip-Hop is ArtNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceStandardized Testing19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XCanaanite Influence on the Early Israelite ReligionEffects of Television Violence on Children

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Tips to Improve Your Spelling

Tips to Improve Your Spelling Nothing makes your writing look unpolished like misspelled words. While we can depend on technology like spell checkers to let us know when weve made errors, there are limits to what technology can do.   Read over this list of techniques and try to make them a part of your routine.   1. Make Yourself a List of Problem Words If there are certain words that you know you misspell frequently, make yourself a spelling list. Practice writing these words ten times each, just like you did in elementary school. Use flashcards to practice a little every night and eliminate words when you feel youve conquered them. 2. Keep a Problem Word File in Your Computer Each time you run a spell-checker and find a word that youve misspelled, copy and paste the word into your file. Later you can add it to your list (above). 3. Each Time You Practice a Word, Spell It Out Loud Later, you will recall how the word sounded as you spelled it right. Youll be surprised how well this works! 4. Review the Rules for Prefixes and Suffixes Youll avoid many mistakes once you understand the difference between inter and intra, for example. 5. Study Common Root Words of Words With Greek and Latin Origins This is a trick used by many Spelling Bee participants. Understanding etymology can add a layer of logic to word spellings that will make them easier to remember. 6. Memorize Clumps of Words That Belong to Special Groups For example, you will find that the group of words that contain ough (rhyming with tough) is finite and manageable. By observing words that do and dont belong together, you will reduce uncertainty about many similar words that dont make the list. More lists of special groups would include: aire words like questionnaire and millionairemn words like hymn and columnps words like psychology and pseudonymible words like edible and audible Be sure to revisit this list frequently. 7. Read Many words become familiar to us because we see them often. The more you read, the more words you will see, and the more youll memorize - even though you wont realize it. 8. Use a Pencil You can mark your books with light pencil marks to indicate words youd like to practice. Just remember to go back and erase! If you happen to use an eReader, be sure to highlight and bookmark words youd like to practice. 9. Practice With a Few Online Spelling Quizzes This is a good way to find frequently-misspelled or commonly-confused words. 10. Visualize Yourself Carrying Out an Activity to Match a Problem Word For example, if you have trouble remembering how to spell edible, conjure up and image of the word in your head, then picture yourself nibbling on the word. (Silly activities are often the most effective.) Any effort you make to improve your reading skills will have a surprising effect. Youll find that spelling becomes much easier with practice.

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Average Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Average - Essay Example The median’s advantage is that the extreme values do not affect the result as much as the mean. Moreover, there is only one answer and it is useful in comparing sets of data (Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center , n.d.). The disadvantage of the median is that it is not very popular. In the example given, the data is best represented by the mode which is $1. The mean may not be representative of the data because of an extreme value, $14 which will affect the result of the computation. When one sees the word â€Å"average†, it is important that one check if there are any extreme values in the data set because this will show whether the â€Å"average† is really representative of the data. If one is to ask a researcher for a mean, median or mode, one would request for the mean because among the three measures of central tendency, one believes that it is the most reliable and usually representative of the data set. However, if there are extreme values, it would also be helpful to compute the median and mode. Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center . (n.d.). Measure of central tendency. Retrieved February 6, 2012, from